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Imagine if you could get more time in a day...

I can get you there.

I'm Morgan, and I'm the virtual assistant who takes solopreneurs from growing their business to glowing in the spotlight.


If you're a solopreneur in 2024, you're probably BUSY...

and you have a lot on your plate. 

You want your launch to succeed.

You want your digital product to fly off the internet shelves! (figuratively speaking)

You're daydreaming of your first 6-figure year (it's gonna be this one!)

You want to expand your reach to Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn.

But it's just you, and you need help getting there.


That’s where I come in.

I'm Morgan

a multi-passionate, multi-talented girlie who is dedicated to helping solopreneurs like you succeed through every season.

With my expertise in...

  • Etsy shop management,

  • Social media engagement,

  • Pinterest content management,

  • Data entry,

  • Inbox & calendar management,

  • Website creation AND MORE, 

I can handle your to-do list so you can focus on your business or taking a well-deserved power nap!!


How did I become a virtual assistant?

I graduated with my master's in flute performance in 2019, so naturally, I wanted to create my own flute studio. So I took a class called Create Your Career, made a website, and thought that was it. Flute students were going to be flocking to me overnight! Nope. 


BUT I did find out that I LOVE working virtually. Crafting user-friendly and visually appealing websites, social media marketing and engagement, branding, expanding reach... it really hit a nerve. But I was too afraid to go full-time.

So I ended up my first public school teaching job in 2019. I was teaching grades 7-12 general music... seriously: 7-8 general music, 9-12 piano, guitar, music theory, and music appreciation.

I taught 16 different classes, 16 different sections, in ONE year. Organization was the name of the game and MAN was I good at it!

I felt great as a first year teacher! I even got rated "accomplished", the highest rating a teacher can get. I felt like a shining star. 

and yeah, that was the year COVID hit. I was virtually teaching piano to kids who didn't have pianos or keyboards at home. I had to learn SO many tools: Zoom, Google Classroom, Peardeck, Blookit, Quizlet, etc. etc. etc. [insert teacher buzzword here]. Ooof.


Then, the worst thing imaginable happened: my job got cut because of COVID.
I applied for 40 jobs that summer and ended up in my school's nurse's office.
I learned a TON about organization, school nurse regulations in Ohio, more CRMs, and fill-in-the-blank thing about COVID here. It was a lot.

Then I got a new job teaching... and it just. wasn't. it. So I said goodbye to teaching.

Fast forward to now.

My husband and I picked up and moved to a new city with NO job lined up. Luckily, we got job offers within the same week - can someone say "Manifesting"?!?! It was awesome. And now...

I use all of my teacher skills in my
full-time administrative assistant position.


I started training on Monday, August 7 and was on my own on Friday, August 12.

Seriously. Five days was all it took.


Since then, I've been recognized for my efficiency, my organization, and my ability to anticipate the needs of my team. 


Then I remembered seeing something about a VA online...
how you can use your skills to become a virtual assistant, help entrepreneurs and companies with calendar management, Pinterest, Facebook, marketing, branding, admin work, and more...
it was over. I knew
this was perfect for me.


Today, I help creative entrepreneurs and solopreneurs tackle their online space and their To Do lists so you can get more leads every. single. day. 

Super Dark Device Mockup_edited.jpg

not your average VA


​Wonder what it's like to work with me? Here's a few secrets: 

  • I'm an exclamation point girl and will hype you up whenever you need it!!

  • I'm a "doer". Give me a task and I'm on it! (I probably already thought about doing it for you, anyway)

  • I make spreadsheets for my own budget, to organize my thinking, and just for fun (not sure what that says about me lol)

  • I LOVE puns and dad jokes. If those are your jam, you and I are sure to have a great time together!

All that to say...

You're finally in the right place, friend.


I'm here to take over your To Do list so you can have time to breathe before starting to take care of whatever's been left on the backburner.


Then I'll help with that, too. 


Let me be your VA. I've got it from here.

Sound like a plan?

Ready to relax,
I mean,
get started?

Schedule a call!
I'd LOVE to meet you!

Is this urgent?

Email me directly!

Talk to you soon!!

Got a question?
Need a custom package?

Thanks for submitting! I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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